Dance with movement.

July 20, 2016  •  1 Comment

Recently I acquired a new Continuous 650 DayLED fresnel from Lupo as I wanted to experiment with continuous light in combination with studio strobes. The objective was to catch dance with movement using long-exposure techniques.

For this set-up I had the continuous light at 2 o'clock on full power and strobes at 8 o'clock on almost minimal power far max speed and to freeze the action. The camera was set to 'Rear curtain' sync and I was using shutter speeds of approx. 1 second with Mirror Lock-up. The Camera, my  Nikon D810 was on a tripod, in Manual mode and I had a trigger release to avoid as much movement as possible. For this shoot I had pre-focused on the dancer at the position where she should land. I then kept the focus in manual mode throughout.

Much of the success of this shoot is in the timing as the dancer has to finish her two steps and jump in about 1 second.

I used 2 flags to shield the LED from the background as well as from the camera. I also flagged the strobes from the backgorund and the camera, too.

So with minimal ambient light, the continuous light just picks up the movement and 1 second later the strobe fires to freeze the motion.

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