What's in my Bag / C'est quoi dans ton sac?

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"It's easy to take good pictures with all that equipment!" ===> FALSE

The old adage: It's the photographer that makes the pictures! Good equipment helps in certain situations, but most photos can be done on any DSLR. ===> TRUE!

Art is the willingness to create something special from basic ingredients. 

Think: Good ovens = a good chef? ===> NO!

Expensive cars = good drivers? ===> NO!

Designer Jewellery and clothes = Beauty? ===> No!


So what equipment do I use?

In the studio and for beauty/fashion shoots and also for Landscape work (where I will print large scale photos) I use the Nikon D800 (36MP). Many of my earlier photographs were taken with my previous Nikon D200.

For everyday use, the Fuji X-T1 is more than good enough. In fact, for Street photography it is a clear advantage to go small and shoot from the hip. 

It should also be stated that photography is very addictive and so whilst it's not compulsory to have the latest equipment, improvements in the technology field mean that older digital cameras (not lenses) can become rapidly out of date.

A fuller list of my equipment, if you are interested, can be found here: http:\\www.robheathphotography.com/equipement

a bientot mes ami(e)s!



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